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Logo - colourYour puppy's start in life is so important. The moment it's ears and eyes 'open' your puppy starts learning about the world around them. This is why it is so important to get your puppy socialised as soon as possible.

The first stage (around 3 weeks) starts with the breeder and hopefully they are socialising your new puppy to a home environment where they can see, hear, and experience home life similar to where they are going to live with you.

Puppies brought up away from family life will not be used to domestic noises such as hoovers, washing machines, telephones, etc. If they haven't expereinced these noises and inaminate objects, they may become frightened  and fearful of them later on in life.

The best age for your puppy to come home is seven weeks old. Any later and your puppy will have missed out on getting socialised with the out side world. The sooner they can be vaccinated, the better. Some breeders will have started your puppies vaccination programme. This is very useful as the next vaccination your puppy will need will be two weeks after the first vaccination and they can they go out sooner. Great news for socialising your puppy to its new world. 

So how soon do you need to start training them? Don't wait until your puppy is six months of age, otherwise they will have missed out on so much by that age. Book them into a puppy class as soon as you can. Even before they are vaccinated. Visit puppy training classes and make sure you are happy with the training methods that the trainer is using. They should be using Reward Based Training and not adversive methods that can harm or frighten your dog. The classes should be small so that they can give you and your puppy the attention you deserve. Overcrowded classes can result in puppies becoming overwhelmed and frightened. The last thing you want for your puppy is a bad expereince.

Any experinces that your dog has between 3 weeks and 12 weeks will be crucial so make sure its all a GOOD !

Happy socialising ! Enjoy your puppy x


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