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  1. Finally a bit of sunshine! Time to get out and about with our dogs and enjoy the warmer weather. But beware of the little creatures that hang out in long grass waiting to attach itself to you or your dog!


    Ticks can be a real nuisance this time of year. Dogs just seem to pick them up every time they go out for a walk. What can we do about keeping these creatures at bay. Well ticks don't particularly like vinegar. In fact they hate the smell & taste of it.

    So here's a solution that you may like to try. Mix one cup of water, two cups of distilled white vinegar & two spoonfuls of vegetable or almond oil and place into a spray bottle. Apply to a dry coat. Be careful not to spray your pets sensitive areas (eyes, mouth, nose or genital area). 


    Garlic is a natural flea repellent and dogs love the taste of it. A whole garlic glove (peeled) can be fed to your dog to prevent flea problems. 

    Fleas also don't like citrus oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil. 

    Make sure your pet is not allergic to any ingredients that you use and avoid their sensitive parts especially their eyes.


  2. Well Christmas has come and gone and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break catching up with friends and family.

    Now its the time for sorting out things and starting new beginnings.

    I know this time of year, dog owners obtain new puppies and may now be looking for puppy classes. As soon as your puppy is vaccinated, get them booked onto a Puppy School course. Don't wait any longer then you have to get them out there and socialised.

    Your puppy does not need to be six months old before you start training them properly. The sooner the better. Can you imagine a labrador puppy at six months old dragging you down the street! It's better to start the training whilst they are little, so you can manage them better as they get bigger and bigger.

    Also training your dog sooner, also means that they learn to behave quicker too. So what are you waiting for? See you soon. x